About Tahitian Pearl
It is always exciting to open up an oyster since you never know what shape the pearl has formed into until the moment you crack open the shell. Whether in the shape of a drop, button or baroque, we see the uniqueness of each pearl and strive to embrace each one in its natural form. Here at Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong, we endeavor to bring awareness and promote the beauty of asymmetrical Tahitian pearls.


Design requirements
  • All entries must include Tahitian pearls /Tahitian keshi pearls in fancy or asymmetrical shapes such as but not limited to drop, oval, button or baroque shaped. Designs can be headpieces, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, tiaras, brooches etc.
  • Entrants may incorporate other materials such as platinum or other coloured gemstones, with Tahitian Pearl(s) as the predominant material of the piece.
  • Design materials used in the Taihitian Pearl jewellery category must include Tahitian pearls /Tahitian keshi pearls in fancy or asymmetrical, excluding any endangered materials.
  • Each jewellery design must (i) be an original creation (ii) that has not been used for commercial purposes, exhibited publicly or submitted to any other competition, or that is owned or with copyright by any party
  • Sketch(es)(hand or computer aided drawing) is (are) accepted. The proportion should be 1:1 and in A4 size(210mmX297mm)only. If you are submitting more than one design, please submit each sketch on a separate sheet and specify clearly the material(s) used on each design
About Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong
Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (TPAHK) was born on December 5, 2007 with the support of the Ministry of Perliculture of the French Polynesian government and GIE Perles de Tahiti (former promotion authority of Tahitian cultured pearl). TPAHK holds a mission to spread the Tahitian cultured pearl legacy and to expand market influence in the Greater China region. Currently, TPAHK offers services including Tahitian pearl promotions at trade shows, Tahiti study tours, sponsorship to jewellery design competitions and promotion events.