About Dancing Stone
Setting the centre gem in a semi-floating state to keep it moving incessantly, the patented Dancing Stone epitomises an aura of vitality in jewellery pieces scaling the new heights of fashion. Desiginers are encourgaed to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their creativity and infuse the market with innovative and unconventional designs of Dancing Stone jewellery pieces. Dancing Stone can be applied to all forms of jewellery.


Design requirements
  • All entries must include STONE materials only as the centre stone, including but not limited to gemstone, semi-gemstone, CZ, diamonds etc.
  • All entries must incorporate the concept of dancing stone.
  • Multiple stones are accepted in designs
  • Design can be headpieces, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, tiaras, brooches etc.
  • Design can be supplemented with other materials (if any), excluding rare gemstones, ivory, tortoiseshell and any other materials from endangered species.
  • Each jewellery design must (i) be an original creation (ii) that has not been used for commercial purposes, exhibited publicly or submitted to any other competition, or that is owned or with copyright by any party
  • Sketch(es)(hand or computer aided drawing) is (are) accepted. The proportion should be 1:1 and in A4 size(210mmX297mm)only. If you are submitting more than one design, please submit each sketch on a separate sheet and specify clearly the material(s) used on each design.
About Crossfor Co Ltd
Over decades of making strides, since established by CEO Hidetaka Dobashi in 1980, Crossfor has become one of the best-known jewellers in Japan.

In March 2011, Crossfor presented a revolutionary jewellery, with its innovative and unique stone setting called TWINKLE Setting®. This setting differentiates itself from any kind of ordinary jewellery as the centre stone is placed in a way in which it imitates the movement of a swing and dances incessantly giving a never- ending sparkle and shine to the jewellery.

The concept was born after the company was exploring ways to further enhance the fire and beauty of a diamond. After three years of numerous research and development, a winner – Twinkle Setting® was born. The twinkling effect comes by the centre stone being set on the CROSSFOR COMPONENT, a patented finding developed by Crossfor. The setting of the stone requires specific manufacturing techniques and expertise. There is no drill or laser hole at all, which preserves maximum reflection in the stone and also ensures the value of the diamond is protected. This unique setting can be applied to all forms of jewellery and has developed the name, Dancing Stone®. Crossfor holds worldwide patent for its setting. Currently the company cooperates with over 170 global licensing partners in promoting the Dancing Stone® in worldwide markets.